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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a physical device like the ZENIQ HUB?2021-08-10T00:27:56+00:00

The ZENIQ HUB is a simple, uncomplicated access to the crypto world – for EVERYONE

The ZENIQ HUB is at the center of a comprehensive eco-system. A rapidly growing number of people worldwide are interested in the possibilities and opportunities within the crypto world. At the moment, however, this is turning out to be too complex for many to really participate in it.

The HUB combines numerous functionalities which make it easy for the user to move safely in the crypto world.

• Unique all-in-one device with maximum protection for digital assets. The Key Guard is a technical high-security safe that stores the most valuable possession, the private key, and never communicates externally. The ZENIQ Hub thus creates an unprecedented security standard for crypto assets with its additionally built-in security component.
• Legal protection against unauthorized third-party access (owner or holder?)
• Portal for digital investments
• Direct access to the decentralized ZENIQ exchange (with minimal fees)
• Fusion of the crypto world and the existing financial world. Bases on optional integration of Fiat (conventional) currencies (virtual IBAN) / SEPA transactions and much more
• User is part of a decentralized network o saveguard against systemic breakdown / access limitations due to bank lockdowns / hacking, scamming and fraud, by implementing a user driven, decentralized infrastructure
• KYC (know your customer) free (without optional integration of virtual IBAN)
• Masternode with years of minting function of the ZENIQ COIN plus additional masternodes possible
• Stable, scalable platform for future features and functions\r• Flexible, modular design to rapidly adapt to future crypto / tokenization needs

Do I have my ZENIQ HUB warranty or warranty?2021-08-10T00:27:57+00:00

Of course, if you have problems with your ZENIQ HUB, please contact [email protected] immediatly. We would love to help you further.

Why is the ZENIQ HUB safe?2021-08-10T00:27:58+00:00

For classic wallets, the private key, your access to your coins and assets, is held by the service provider itself. How the transfer of data and storage works exactly is often not apparent. The ZENIQ HUB generates the private key and your Seed at the first time you start it. Only you can see them locally, ZENIQ itself does not have access to your keys. Your ZENIQ App, as well as the ZENIQ Exchange, connect via the ZENIQ HUB. Thus, your ZENIQ HUB is the central hub for you and only you have access to it and the Seed stored on it.

How can the HUB be paid?2021-08-10T00:27:59+00:00

The HUB can be paid in EUR, USD, AED or selected cryptocurrencies , depending where the licensed distribution partner is located.

What happens if my ZENIQ HUB gets damaged or lost?2021-08-10T00:28:00+00:00

When you start your ZENIQ HUB for the first time you will receive the so-called Seed, words for restoring your ZENIQ HUB. These must be written down and kept safe. Exactly with this information, in case of loss or damage, you can replace your new ZENIQ HUB with your old one. As the Seed Is not even known by ZENIQ itself, you as a customer are responsible for the proper storage of that information.

How do I order a ZENIQ HUB?2021-08-10T00:28:02+00:00

The ZENIQ HUB can be conveniently purchased through Safir Partners. All required information is collected through the ordering process at the partner‘s websites. If you are interested to become a licensed distribution partner, please register an account or contact us if you have any questions.

What does “HUB 01” mean?2021-08-10T00:28:04+00:00

Everyone who has purchased the ZENIQ “HUB 01” will get the minting option to produce ZENIQ Coins. The earlier you buy your ZENIQ “HUB 01”, the earlier you start minting and therefore you get more ZENIQ Coins. The minting option does not apply to the ZENIQ HUB “02”.

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