Zeniq Global Summit 2021 Key Highlights

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Zeniq Global Summit 2021

The event we had last weekend (Oct 21-22, 2021) was a memorable one- full of updates and excitement!πŸ’₯

Here are some off the highlights from the event:

βœ… Zeniq Coin released on BSC Pancake Swap
βœ… Within a week, you will be able to withdraw your Zeniq coins directly to Pancake Swap
βœ… ZeniqSwap to be released end of the year
βœ… Zeniq Visa card to be released end of the year
βœ… Zeniq coin to be added to CryptoCompare
βœ… The first batch of Zeniq hubs devices to be shipped by next week
βœ… New support system implemented
βœ… Communication channel and corporate calls to be launched soon
βœ… Euro coins withdrawal to the app coming soon
βœ… CoinwayWorld partnership
βœ… Avinoc and Tupan to migrate on our Blockchain
βœ… Staking on the app
βœ… Shop and pay with Zeniq coin
βœ… Three more Ranks added

Once the Zeniq Smart Chain is implemented and tested- the asset tokenization projects will commence.

We’re creating a movement with Zeniq Tech, something real, something different, success doesn’t happen over night, it’s a process…

Trust the process πŸ™Œ

Zeniq and Safir Summit 2021 PDFs

Zeniq partners with Tupan


The first ZENIQ tokenization project – AMAZON RAINFOREST

TUPAN has developed its blockchain for Amazon tokenization. Multinational companies have to buy their token as an aid to global warming. TUPAN dropped his blockchain and switched to the ZENIQ blockchain because it is incomparably more advanced. Tie up, we’ll take off βœ¨πŸš€

Zeniq partners with Avinoc


Zeniq partners with CoinwayWorld


With CoinwayWorld, we have a new strategic partner that brings the following benefits to the entire community:

Project based out of Austria
App-based customer loyalty program
Easy integration of crypto payments into e-commerce and point of sale
Paying bills easily with cryptocurrencies
ZENIQ Coin Introduction to Crypto ATMs
Implementing ZENIQ coin payments in e-commerce and POS through the ZENIQ app.

All of this will be available in November – both for users and for new points of sale ready to accept ZENIQ coins!